‘Pokemon Go’ Update: PVP, Trading Features, Gym Battling System Upgrades Coming Next To Valentine’s Day Event

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One can recall that the game developer confirmed the Valentine’s Day event only a few hours before it went live for “Pokemon Go”. It is apparently Niantic’s way to keep things under wraps to keep the element of surprise for the game fans.

But for hardcore gamers, they get to have an idea of what’s coming by doing some data mining and dig for hidden or secret features could find from a released update, Forbes reported. Interestingly enough, Niantic’s John Hanke has recently offered snippets of information with regard to the future of “Pokemon Go”.

In his latest interview with Waypoint, Hanke enthusiastically talked about the milestone of “Pokemon Go” and a glimpse at lies ahead for the gamers. He didn’t, however, mentioned of release dates with regard to these future updates.

PVP and Pokemon Trading Upgrades. Hanke confirms that both the trading and PVP features are well underway. He stated that these two features would have been added in the game had they not encountered some server issues to address prior to launch.

Gym Battling System. Hanke also hinted that Niantic might tweak the game’s gym battling system in the near future. He called the current system as “rudimentary,” and this suggests that this feature will get some makeover soon.

Nianti-led Live Events. Finally, Hanke also talked about his vision of a Niantic-led live events. He stated that his heart wishes for such events and desires to accomplish in 2017 but also cited the complications involve as to the extent of work required.

“Pokemon Go” is an augment reality game made available for both iOS and Android devices back in July 2016.


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